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Go from paintbrush to print without sacrificing quality. Our camera, monitors and printers are profiled and calibrated in-house to work together seamlessly and provide superior results.


No matter what you’re printing, a correctly formatted and high resolution file can make a world of difference. The most important first step in receiving a high quality giclée print is capturing your image at the highest quality possible.

We offer professional scanning and art photography services for those who don’t already have a high resolution file of their work. Our scanning/photography services are available at either 300dpi (creates a sharp print up to the same size as the original artwork) or 600dpi (creates a sharp print up to twice the size of the original artwork). Higher resolutions are available only for flatbed scans of artworks that are 12×17 or smaller. Please contact us for pricing/details.

Every file we provide will be personally inspected to ensure you receive a color-correct image with as much detail in the shadows, highlights, and in between to match the original piece as close as possible, provided we have the original piece for comparison. All art scanning/photography services include a proof up to 8×10 in size on the print media of your choice in addition to the high resolution tif file.
Note : Artworks that have a shiny or reflective surface may not scan very well due to the glare, and will require photography regardless of the size. We cannot replicate gold leaf, glitter, or other metallic finishes. Different paper types have different white tones, black points, and saturation levels they are capable of. We cannot guarantee that a print on one paper type will look exactly the same as a print on another paper type.

If you would like your artwork scanned, please make an appointment to drop off the work and discuss your proof print media choice.

Note : We do not accept paintings or artworks that contain wet or damp paint, are unfixed, or have loose residue of any kind on the surface. Our typical turnaround time for scanning and photography services is up to 5 business days.


If you already have a high resolution digital file of your artwork and are ready to print, here are a few recommended settings to ensure a smooth process with the highest quality end result:
  1. Make sure your file is 300dpi and sized to the exact dimensions you require, including any white borders if needed.
  2. Setting the color profile to AdobeRGB(1998) will ensure the most consistent color from the digital file to the printed product. However, we are able to work with most other color profiles, as long as you ensure that your chosen color profile is embedded when saving the file.
  3. Lastly, if all this sounds confusing or unfamiliar, no worries! We are here to guide you through the process and assist however is needed to ensure that you receive the best quality print possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

We take file privacy and copyright very seriously. We guarantee that any artwork you send us stays in our system and is only used for the needs you specify. We will never use your artwork without your express consent. Likewise, any file we receive from you must abide by copyright laws in order for us to make reproductions. You will be asked to verify copyright status before submitting any print orders.

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